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Hey everyone! Its getting into the holiday season again, so its time for this year's community-wide Holiday Art Swap! :holly:

Its an annual event held here on :devart: every year since 2006. :devart: has  been a little quieter than usual, so we need your help to make the event bigger and better than ever! This year marks the first time the event has been fully hosted on its own page at HolidayArtSwap :iconholidayartswap: (it still needs a spiffy avatar - anyone up for it?).

How does it work? Its easy: Participants are paired up randomly and do a gift art trade with each other. The gifts don't have to be holiday themed, you can request anything your partner is comfortable with doing. So if that's something you would be interested in taking part in, then please feel free to sign up (see link at the bottom).

Who can join in? While the event is open to any kind of illustrator, it is also open to writers, handcraft artisans, photographers, 3D artists, and others (anyone creative). It can be tricky to fulfill some wishes, but it was really neat seeing artisans creating items like homemade scarves for their partners, photographers taking special shots for theirs, even writers creating short stories or poetry.

What is this event for? Its all in the spirit of giving to fellow artists, having fun and being sociable. Oftentimes its a great opportunity to make new friends and get to know random artists you might not have seen or spoken with before.

Now here's the thing: Signup is only open until November 30th, 2013 If you have any questions, the signup blog (linked below) is also a good place to leave them.


If you do sign up, we recommend joining the group or adding it to your devwatch so that you don't miss out on any updates. The entire event will take place on HolidayArtSwap
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Slamwise 12 hours ago  New member

Ok, so I am looking for any artist that thinks that they would like to take a stab at my idea for a Comic Series, I wish I could remotely draw so I could give you guys a little more than just an idea of plot and characters.

Please contact me if you’re interested. The idea is kind of like a medieval gang war. It will involve a bunch of characters and I have some ideas for transitions that I think will be really cool but I would like to get an idea of how an artist would interpret the characters before I continue with the story. I also tried to keep the characters description brief because I don't want to restrict creativity. So here is it goes.



In the city under the Grace of the Citadel, the masses follow the word of The Trinity as divine law, blind to the corruption and abuses imposed by their ruling body. For those with sight, the Guilds of the city are the only refuse from the injustice of the Citadel. So, the war for control of the city between the Guilds themselves and the Citadel wages on in the streets of City in the Grace of the Citadel.


The Citadel

The Citadel is in the center of the large walled in city and is the official ruling power of the city. The Hierarchy of the Citadel breaks down as Follows:


The Trinity

The mysterious and secretive counsel of the three Prophets of the Gods


The Cardinal

The face and the sole contact of the Trinity



The generals of the Citadels army and the people in charge of each district in the city.



The captains of patrolling squadron’s clerics within the city.



The foot soldiers of the Citadel.


Along with the Citadel we have 5 Guilds that all have their own specialties and leaders.


The Guilds

They are groups of likeminded individuals with the goal of freeing themselves from the tyranny of the Citadel.


The Nest

On the surface the Nest is a guild of alchemist and fletchers but under the cover of Darkness their occupation changes to assassinations and thievery. Lead by Oliver Ronin a fletcher by trade, he controls the assassins and thieves of the guild. It is said that with his bow of ebony he has never failed to leave his mark of an arrow fletched with a raven’s feather. Although he prefers to take his targets out form a far he is skilled in close range with the blade that sits at the bottom of his bow. Oliver is arrogant when it comes to combat and bold when it comes to everything else. As an orphan in the poorer area of the city Oliver saved a girl from a rapist and the two became like brother and sister. The girls name was Shera Culderant and she now controls the alchemist of the Nest. She is the more level headed one of the two leaders although if provoked she is likely to make the first strike. She is known by the canary feathers at the end of her single braid down her face. The Nest marks their territory by a raven and canary feather bound together.


The Pack

The Pack use their Hunting and Leather working as a way to fund their conquest against the other guilds in the city and the Citadel. Led by Marcus Lupin a Feral beast of a man with jagged twin axes. The Pack uses their numbers to overcome their prey and hold their territory, which is marked by piece of wolf pelt. They train their wolves to attack on command and guard their territory. Their wolves are known to attack even innocents in the streets of the city. When The Pack takes over a territory they leave a group with a pack leader behind to hold the territory. They have the largest territory of any of the guilds. The pack values loyalty above all else.


The Horde

Run by husband and wife, Thane and Kora Ursa. Thane wields a war hammer and Kora wields a great two bladed axe. Thane is a Master armorer and Kora can make a blade that has no equal. Their weaponry is unmatched although for those who have the coin and are deemed worthy can have one of their own. They make their weapons and lands with a crossed hammer and axe. The Horde values two things Strength and Gold.


The Machine

With their territory nest to the Packs marked the Golden Cog the Athen siblings Paris and Clara use their family's wealth and intelligence to run the Machine under their father’s nose. They are not great fighters but what they lack in strength they make up for in cunning and ingenuity. They are known to invent all sorts of traps and weapons to protect their territory. All those in the Machine are known as Cogs and they value profit and intellect the most.


The Scales

The Scales are a guild of healers and Magicians both. Each member must practice both the light arts of healing and the dark arts of attack magic. Since Magic is outlawed by the Citadel all the Scales business is done in back allies and in secret. Led by Mace Arcan a mystic from an order of the gods long forgotten and hidden by the Citadel. Each member of the Scales are not allowed to touch a weapon but are trained in hand to hand combat to disarm an opponent.


OK so there are the general basics of the story and stuff like that I don't have much in the the terms of story but I just wanted to see what people thought and if I could find an artist work with.

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andrearsandbabs Dec 19, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks a lot 4 accepting our request to join this group!!!
ShawAboutNic Dec 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
Hi Guys and Girls!
I’m Nic, and I’m trying to become a comic letterer! Yay for me, right?
So if anyone need’s a letterer to work on anything let me know!
I’m happy to work pro-bono if you can’t pay, of course if you can’t pay I don’t know how you’ll be able to afford Bono …
Anyhoo! Shoot me through a reply here or my page and let me know what you need!
TheELDiluvian Oct 16, 2012  Professional General Artist
I appreciate your recent acceptance of my work.
nadiya2000 Jul 10, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Rest in peace! TheBoo!
(1 Reply)
Hey, My names Christof I'm a freelance writer based in Sydney Australia looking for an artist to hep me out with an upcoming comic project called 'budget justice' a story about a b-grade flat broke super team. if anyone would be interested in teaming up would love to hear from you please drop me an email at
PinoRinaldi Mar 13, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
Thanks for the invitation!Pino
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